4 Creative Father’s Day Games for Kids

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Having a great time on Father’s Day takes on many forms. Perhaps you are looking to keep the young ones busy so that Dad can relax. Sometimes you may be looking for some fun things for everyone to do together. Whatever the case may be, having some great Father’s Day games on hand is always a good idea. Fathers that are celebrating this day get to take a step back from the hustle and bustle of the week and enjoy themselves with their families. A few simple games can allow families to step away from technology and remember the simple joys in life. Here are some favorites to enjoy on this special holiday. Check the following father’s day games for kids. I am sure you will have a blast.

4 creative father’s day games for kids


Cornhole is an easy game to play. If you don’t actually have the game, you can even create a modified version. All you need is some plywood and some bean bags.(affiliate link).  Each player gets 3 bags. Cut a hole in a piece of plywood and prop it up. Each person takes a turn trying to toss the bean bag into the hole. You can also draw circles around the hole so that players can earn points if they hit inside a circle. This favorite can be enjoyed by any member of the family and is sure to keep people interested. Isn’t it a cool father’s day game for kids?

Father May I?

This is the Father version of “Mother May I?” Each person takes turns playing the “father”. The father stands in one spot. The players stand a predetermined distance away from the “father”. The father tells players to do something and the players respond with “Father May I?” before moving. If the answer is yes, then they get to move. Players who get an answer of no cannot move. Players who moved before asking the question, before the question is answered, or when the answer is a negative must take two steps back. The goal is to touch the father. The first person to touch “him” becomes the father in the next round. This is a great Father’s Day game for those with smaller children.

Guess that Brand

This is a fun father’s day game no matter what the family is interested in. One player states a fact about a team or brand and the first player to answer with the correct team or brand wins. For example you might say “Wayne Gretzky earned his fame while playing for this team” to be answered with “The Edmonton Oilers”. Change the theme to match the interests of the father. Maybe he is not into sports and is into cars instead. In such a case you might ask “Which name is used as an acronym for always being the winner in a race?” to which the answer is “Ford” (First On Race Day). This game is more fun when played with teams rather than individuals.

My Daddy Don’t Lie

This is a fun father’s day game for kids and adults of all ages and it is rather simple. Dad sits in his easy chair and relaxes while playing, so he surely will be pleased with his role. Basically, Daddy sits back and tells a story or fact about his life. Perhaps a fish tale, or his days as a Viking on the open seas. The kids will then all sit around to listen.  They will then reply with either “My Daddy Don’t Lie” or “Daddy is telling a story” when he is done with each fact. Not only will the kids get to compete in a fun game, they will also learn about the man they are celebrating.

Make sure that Father’s Day is enjoyable for the whole family. It’s great to offer Dad presents and cute father’s day cards, but Father’s Day games for kids add an element of fun to the day that involves the children. Being a family and spending quality time together is the key to having a great day, and these games can help you do just that. For more father’s day game ideas, check this Father’s day activities for kids.

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