Text-Ur Foam 3D Kits Make Great Crafts for Kids

Text-UR Foam Craft for Kids

We received Text-UR Foam craft for kids kits in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are our own. My 4-year-old daughter and I had the pleasure of reviewing the Text-Ur Foam 3D Kits by Creative Hands. We received several kits and chose the Bee to do first. As you can see from the photos, it was a fun, yet easy project for us to do together. Who is Creative Hands? Creative Hands is part [...] Read More

Kids Craft Kit Essentials: What You Have To Have

Craft Kit Essentials Featured

Doing crafts is one of my favorite things about parenting. Not only is it fun to help my child create, but it is educational, too. There are so many different creations that require different supplies, but there are some routine things you should keep on hand. These craft kit essentials are necessary for the majority of projects you and your kids will be doing.   Craft Kit Essentials: Your Must-Have Items Crate, Bin or Carrier [...] Read More

Top 5 Disney Planes Toddler Toys

Disney Planes Top Toddler Toys

Disney Planes is a huge hit in theaters and not only are kids excited about the movie, but so are parents. My children have already named Dusty as their favorite character and it’s all they can talk about. As with all popular movies, there are a lot of toys to hit the shelves. Before you buy, find out the top 5 Disney Planes toddler toys to ensure that your kids will get items that they [...] Read More

Interactive Puzzle Games by Popar 3D Take Puzzles to a New Level

Popar Interactive Puzzle Games

My daughter and I had the opportunity to review two of the 3D Interactive Puzzle Games by Popar Toys.  It sounded like an interesting concept and looked forward to seeing if Mary-Grace would enjoy it or not. We were given the choice of selecting two puzzle games. We chose “Picnic” and “Princess.” What is an interactive puzzle game? An interactive puzzle is just what is sounds like, a puzzle that lets you be part of [...] Read More

Shopping Games for Kids: Make Grocery Shopping Educational

shopping games for kids

When you have kids, sometimes it can be tough to take them to the store with you. They are likely to get bored, which can cause them to act out. But you can avoid this by helping them learn to entertain themselves. I do this by playing educational grocery shopping games for kids. This can be fun and educational as well as letting you get your shopping done! Fun Grocery Shopping Games for Kids Math [...] Read More

Smurfs 2: Toddler Toys That Your Child Will Love

Smurfs 2 toddler toys

Do your kids love The Smurfs 2 movie? The classic cartoon has been making a huge comeback with their first movie in 2011 and the sequel currently in theaters. I remember watching the cartoon when I was a little girl, so I was pretty excited about the movies. I was even more exciting that my kids are as much in love with the characters as I was! For fans of the blue characters, there are [...] Read More

5 Fun Games For Baby Playtime

5 Fun Games for Baby

This post on 5 Fun Games for Baby Playtime contains affiliate links. Babies are new to the world and are busy exploring and learning about their surroundings. As parents, we are concerned about caring for them and keeping them safe. But it is also important for them to play. Games for baby are not just about having fun, though. Each one of these activities will also help them reach their milestones. Check out these 5 [...] Read More

BENDASTIX Craft for Kids: Create Without Limitations

BENDASTIX craft for kids

My daughter recently received BENDASTIX for review! BENDASTIX is a fun craft for kids that allows kids to use their imaginations creating things, but not being constrained by straight and rigid pieces. Questions many parents have about products is if the product is worth buying, do children like playing with it and if it is durable. What is BENDASTIX? This craft for kids has several soft, squishy pieces that can be attached together to create [...] Read More

Despicable Me: Party Activities for Kids

Despicable Me Party Activities for Kids

Despicable Me 2 was finally released and if your kids love the movie, then you might be planning a party with this theme in the near future. There are a lot of party activities for kids that will make the event memorable and a success. Play them along with the Despicable Me games for kids or on their own! Fun Despicable Me Party Activities for Kids Pop the Minion One of the party activities for [...] Read More

Despicable Me: Games for Kids

Despicable Me Games for Kids

Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links. Are you looking for Despicable Me games for kids? This is the perfect time for your kids to play since the movie sequel was just released. Whether it is a board game or an activity having to do with the Despicable Me unicorn, there is something for every child. Fun Despicable Me Games for Kids Board Games Two games for kids that have remained popular for years are Monopoly [...] Read More