Austin Lloyd Brings High Quality Baby Toys & Products to Your Door

Austin Lloyd Baby Toys Subscription

There seem to be many  box subscriptions available to parents these days, but none of them quite add up to Austin Lloyd. Austin Lloyd offers a monthly box subscription that brings high quality baby toys and baby products directly to your front door. Recently, I had the chance to sample one of these boxes and was quite pleased by the assortment. Austin Lloyd Subscription Boxes Deliver Stellar Baby Toys & Products Each box comes personalized [...] Read More

Discover the Best Teething Toys for Babies

Best Teething Toys for Babies

When it comes to the best teething toys for babies, we know that there are as many different opinions as there are parents! Everyone has their own preferences. While I preferred the “frozen cloth” style teethers, my friend loved those water-filled bubbles. Another friend froze pretzels! That doesn’t count as a toy, if you ask me. Still, it shows how we all turn to different styles when we’re looking for teething toys. Since we can’t [...] Read More

Hot Hasbro Holiday Toys for Kids to Finish Up Your Shopping!

Hot Holiday Toys for kids

This hot Hasbro holiday toys for kids post contains affiliate links. We only choose toys we have bought or would buy ourselves. Ah the holidays…they really sneak up on you! I’m behind in my holiday shopping, how about you? If you have kids to buy for, here are some hot holiday toys from Hasbro to add to and help with your shopping list! Hot Hasbro Holiday Toys for Kids Infants (0-1) Playskool Play Favorites Lullaby [...] Read More

Bommerscheim Buddies Review: Cute Cuddle Toys for Kids

Bommerscheim Buddies Toys for Kids

If you have a young child who clings to a favorite stuffed animal or blanket, you have most likely been in this predicament: After days, maybe even weeks or months of being dragged all over the place, it’s time for a serious cleaning. The problem (and yes, this can be a HUGE problem) is that your little one just cannot function without their favorite comfort toy. Does this sound familiar? If so, let me fill you in on the Bommerscheim Buddies. Read More

Hot Holiday Toys for Infants for 2013

Hot Holiday Toys for Infants

This Hot Holiday Toys for Infants post contains affiliate links. We only share products we think you’ll love! Baby’s first big holiday season is a huge milestone! If your baby is old enough to participate in opening presents, it’s one of the most exciting events in your infant’s life. I remember my son’s first Christmas! He was 6 months old and I had to help him open his gifts. The look on his face was [...] Read More

5 Fun Games For Baby Playtime

5 Fun Games for Baby

This post on 5 Fun Games for Baby Playtime contains affiliate links. Babies are new to the world and are busy exploring and learning about their surroundings. As parents, we are concerned about caring for them and keeping them safe. But it is also important for them to play. Games for baby are not just about having fun, though. Each one of these activities will also help them reach their milestones. Check out these 5 [...] Read More

Coloring Activities For Kids: Guide to Finding the Best Free Coloring Pages

Coloring Activities for Kids

Free coloring activities for kids are just about everyone on the internet. You can find them for any theme and print them up in a flash. As long as you have an internet connection and a printer, you’ll never be without a fun quiet-time activity again. In fact, there are so many sites for free printable coloring activities for kids that it can be a tad overwhelming! Plus, you don’t want to just go clicking [...] Read More

Best Books for Babies to Encourage a Lifetime Love of Reading

Best Books for Babies

Post contains affiliate links. We only recommend products we use or would use ourselves. Developing a lifetime love of reading should be something that parents start working on the moment their beautiful baby emerges from the womb. Reading to young children not only helps develop speech and language skills, it can also provide a terrific foundation for future academic excellence. Plus, holding your little one while you narrate a story is a great bonding experience [...] Read More

Fitness Activities For Kids: Babies

Fitness Activities for Babies

Babies are not too young to begin a fitness regimen. While they may not be up and running quite yet, there are fitness activities for kids this age that you can do to strengthen their muscles and help them get used to active play. Fitness Activities for Kids: Babies Rocking Exercises A great way to strengthen your baby’s muscles is to have them sit up and take their hands and for you to lean back, [...] Read More

Fill Their Baskets at the Melissa & Doug Easter Shop!


Melissa & Doug is one of our favorite shops for finding great educational toys for kids, now they’ve made Easter shopping a whole lot easier. Why fill those baskets with chocolate rabbits that will be gone in a day (not to mention cause cavities and contribute to childhood obesity!) when you can fill them with fun and educational items that will last much longer? The Melissa & Doug Easter shop is now open! At the [...] Read More