Despicable Me 2 Party Games For Boys

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  Fun Despicable Me 2 Party Games For Boys

If you are planning to host a Despicable Me theme party for your son, then working out the best Despicable Me 2 party games for boys is a sheer necessity. There are many fun  party games which can spark up the party ambiance and offer your kids one of the most enthralling parties ever. Check out a few of our favorite Despicable Me 2 party games for boys!

Fun Despicable Me 2 party games for boys

Minion cut-out game

For this game cut out the shape of a minion from cardboard. You can also use card stock paper for cutting out. After you have your basic minion shape, hand it over to the kids to personalize.  Cut some white circles which can be the eyes of the minion and give them crayons to color the minion yellow. Now, use a black marker to draw the goggles on the minion’s face. After you’ve done this, cut out some blue colored cardboard or paper and paste with glue on the minion. Now your minion is ready. After this paste this minion to a huge basket. Ask your kids to throw balls in the basket. The one who throws the most balls is the winner of the game.

Blowup the Minions

This is one of the easiest Despicable Me 2 party games for boys! Get some medium-sized Yellow Latex Balloons and inflate them.  Take a black marker and draw goggles on the faces of the minions and write the details of your party on it. As soon as the balloon is dry UN-inflate it. Place it in a small colorful envelope and send it to your guests. Ask them to inflate the balloon to read the invitation. You can also try this game, when the kids are in the party and ask them to inflate the balloon. The one who inflates the most balloons in a set amount of time wins.

Break the egg

Take an Easter egg and color it bright yellow. After this, keep the egg to dry. Take a marker and draw two goggle eyes on a cardboard. Cut out the goggle eyes and paste it on the eggs. Now, place these eggs on a table and ask your kids to break it with some balls. The kid who breaks the largest number of eggs wins the game.

Ball in the Cup

Take a few medium sized paper cups ad wrap them properly with a yellow marble paper or chart paper. Take a black marker to draw the eyes of the minions. Next,  place the glasses in a row and ask the kids to throw balls in them. Kids who throw the maximum number of balls win the game.

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These Despicable Me 2 party games for boys are sure to be a hit at your party! Can you think of any other fun games that we missed?  

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