Fun Carnival Party Games Toys For Kids

Party planning isn’t the easiest of tasks. There are so many details to consider you might wonder where to begin. The whole event can seem unwieldy and chaotic when you have to decide what to set up to create a festive atmosphere, what games to play to get everyone involved, what activities to provide to keep all the guests entertained, and how to ensure that everything runs smoothly. But you can always start by buying toys for kids that create a fun carnival theme.

Fun Carnival Party Games Toys For Kids

Carnival Games Toys for Kids

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Duck Fishing Children’s Party Game

Have the kids wear bathing suits, shorts, tank tops, or Hawaiian shirts. Provide sunglasses, suntan lotion, beach hats, and other sunshine item. Set up a ‘beach’ in the backyard by filling the sandbox with beach toys. Get the sprinklers going, and fill the pool with these miniature ducks for water games and fun. Make an ocean by cutting wave shapes out of blue construction paper and hanging them on the fence. Add tropical fish cutouts. Make a cardboard boat, and add lots of beach balls to create a party atmosphere. Play Hawaiian music in the background.

Fun Carnival Party Games Toys For Kids

Duck Pond Pool

Duck pond pools can make excellent toys for kids to play magical pools. Fill five-six duck pond pools with water in a circular setup, enough for all except one player. Play some music as the kids, in their swimwear, walk around the pools of water. Whenever you halt the music, the kids must clamber for a pool and sit down quickly. The player who fails to find a seat is disqualified for the next round. Remove a pool and continue the game till one player remains.

Fun Carnival Party Games Toys For Kids

Canvas Bean Bag Toss Game Party Supplies

Fill a bean bag with items from different countries, enough for all guests. Divide the kids into two teams, and have them sit in two lines. Open your bean bag, and tell the players you have just returned from a long trip around the world. Give each player an item. To begin the game, the last person in line says the name and the country of origin of his or her item, and then passes the item to the next person in line. That person must then repeat the first item and country, then add his or her own, and pass both to the next person. The team that finishes first wins the game.

Fun Carnival Party Games Toys For Kids

Cranium Puzzles Plus – Take Me to the Carnival

Puzzles make great toys for kids. Divide the kids into two or more teams, and have them race to assemble the puzzles—then declare a winner and reward him accordingly.

Fun Carnival Party Games Toys For Kids

Refill Prizes for Carnival Crane Game

Bury some toys for kids from this set of prizes in the yard and let the kids dig them out. When they find a toy, they must drop out of the digging and allow other players to find the treasures.

Surely your child will not realize or remember any of your endeavors when it comes to planning an amazing party, but at some point in her life he will ask you about his childhood. Make sure you make him feel special that day with the fondest recollections of his toys.


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  1. What fun games! It would be a fun summer activity for kids to play with friends during break. Thanks for the idea!
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    Oh what fun! I can’t imagine a child not remembering a party with all of these fun games. I love the buried treasure idea – what a blast.
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    My kids would love these! Thanks for the great ideas – we have a lot of birthdays coming up and I needed some help. lol.
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    I love carnival games! What a fun party idea!

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