WallPops Review: Fun Geography Activities for Kids

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WallPops Review: Fun Geography Activities for Kids

Jacob with his WallPops US Map

I have always loved maps. There is just something about seeing the whole country- or world- stretched out in front of me that inspires the wanderlust side of my personality. I’ve traveled to many places in the US over the years. I also spent two years living overseas in Japan. Now that I have a son, I want him to see as much of the world as possible too. While our budget doesn’t allow for vacations outside the US right now, I think I’ve done a good job of getting him to different states so far. I even took him on a cruise when he was 5!

Since we’re not exactly in a position to travel right now, we do a lot of “dream vacation planning.” Also, started next marking period, my son will be learning about the different states and capitals. When we got the chance to check out WallPops, I was immediately drawn to the maps. I’ve been wanting to get a nice map for Jacob’s room for  while. I love world maps, but since he’s studying the USA soon, I thought I should also get a map of the United States.

About WallPops

WallPops Review: Fun Geography Activities for Kids

WallPops World Map for Kids

WallPops are these awesome peel & stick products that can instantly transform a room without committing to wallpaper. They require nothing more than your wall. That’s it. No tape, no adhesive, no glue. They are literally just peel & stick! WallPops come in a huge variety of styles, including the dry erase maps that I’m reviewing. I was really surprised at just how big the maps were. I have no concept of size when I see it in numbers. These maps are 36″ wide by 24″ long. Now, I know that’s three feet by two feet, but it doesn’t really register in my brain. So when I unrolled them and starting hanging them, I was really happy to see just how large they were! Of course, it meant clearing more space on Jacob’s wall, but he’s had some posters up since he was three and it’s time for an updating!

WallPops Review: Fun Geography Activities for Kids

WallPops USA Map for Kids

Placing the WallPops was pretty easy, once I figured out that it’s best to use the door jam as a guide! If you want to put it in the middle of the wall, use a light pencil for a guide. Thankfully, they’re super easy to peel back off if you goof up and still stick like new when you place them again. Go slow! Start with one end, then slowly roll it, ironing bubbles out with your hand as you move across the wall.

WallPops Review: How to use them for Fun Geography Activities for Kids

Take a look at a few fun ways you can use your WallPops for fun geography activities for kids!

WallPops Review: Fun Geography Activities for Kids

  • Trace your route: Jacob’s dad lives in Indiana, while we live in Pennsylvania. He’s often curious about how to get out there, so we traced the route with the dry-erase marker. If you are planning a family vacation, it would be fun to have your kids come up with alternate ways to get there. For example, when going to southern Indiana, we can either go straight across PA and down through Ohio, then across Kentucky or we can go down through PA, across Maryland and West Virginia, and so on.
  • Scavenger Hunt: WallPops Maps for Kids include many fun different symbols in each country or state. For example, Pennsylvania has the Liberty Bell because we are famous for it. Make a list of different symbols on the map and challenge your child to find as many as he can in a certain amount of time. Ask him to write down the name of the state or country as a way to encourage reading and writing skills.
  • Where in the World is Your Child? Print out a small picture of your child (to make it really challenging, make the picture super small!) and “hide” it somewhere on the map. Ask your child to find her picture and tell you a bit about the country or state that she was “visiting.”
  • Which state is it?: Use the dry erase marker to cross out the names of states, then ask your kids to identify them based on shape. Make it more challenging by asking them to find the states by looking at the capitals.

These are just a few ideas of how to use your WallPops maps for fun geography activities for kids. I also plan to just use them to reinforce what my son learns in school. Since the maps are in his bedroom, we can work on the states every night before bed.

Connect with WallPops

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    I like their Space Theme Wall Art!

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