Great Earth Day Activities for Kids

Great Earth Day Activities for Kids

Earth Day is like a Birthday for our planet, and it is celebrated on April 22. Every year, most countries around the planet join in for the celebrations of Earth Day, which is also the biggest environmental day celebrated. Let your kid develop an interest about the environment around him and help him feel the love for his planet. Why not plan some great Earth Day activities for kids this year and get them involved on the special day. It is time to celebrate Earth and honor it. These activities can focus on crafts, music or any other project.

Our children are the future and the earlier they know and learn about their planet, the better it will be. Let us see what interesting activities you can plan for your kids on the Earth Day.

Five Easy and Fun Earth Day Activities for Kids


Plant trees and shrubs

Great Earth Day Activities for Kids: Plant a Tree

You can gather kids in your neighbor hood and ask them to get a sapling of a popular shrub or tree that they can plant in their backyard or garden. Better, ask them to give a name to their plant or tree and share information about it with other kids. Take some time to identify other plants and trees in the park or area. Pick up a book on tree identification to help you out.


Switch off all lights for at least one hour
Great Earth Day Activities for Kids: Turn off the Lights

This is one of the great earth day activities for kids that doesn’t require any tools at all! Just plan a time and decide to turn off the lights at certain hour together. You can light up candles or simply sit outside under sky. This is perhaps a great way to bond too and share stories or play games. This is also a good time to talk about how people lived before electricity!



Great Earth Day Activities for Kids: Recycle

Teach your kid the importance of recycling from a very young age. They can collect discarded items and see how they can be used.  For example, they can collect grocery bags, bottle caps, plastic bottles, egg cartons, and even old mobiles. You can make some interesting household items with them. Let the kids use their imagination and come up with some great ideas.


Earth Day Parade

Great Earth Day Activities for Kids: Parade

If you want to involve more kids and spread more awareness, you can organize a parade. The kids can dress up in colorful clothes, make banners relating to Earth day and sing songs to grab attention.


Hold a garage sale

Great Earth Day Activities for Kids: Garage Sale

Reach out in your closets and attics and take out all those household items that have been lying there for years and never been used. Hold a garage sale and sell out all those items to people who need them. You can donate the left over items to a charity or orphanage.

Our children are the next generation and Earth is our only home. Get some Earth Day activities for kids planned, so that they develop a love for their planet very early on at a young age.

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  1. Great suggestions! Love getting out in the garden!
    Ellen Christian recently posted..My Blog ReimaginedMy Profile

  2. Kelsey Apley says:

    When the warm weather comes I love being outside and enjoying it!! We love to garden and planting flowers and such!

  3. This is so important. Thank you for taking the time to share this information! So easy to do!

  4. Love those ideas! We have all of them already planned except the parade. We don’t have one in our area sadly. But we recycle all the time anyway; and our gardens should be ready for planting on earth day. I’m excited for that. My kids love doing things that are good for the earth.
    Amber Edwards recently posted..How to Clean a Humidifier & what to do when the Humidifier does not MistMy Profile

  5. Jennifer says:

    These are great ideas… for all of the time!!!
    Jennifer recently posted..Fruit Arrangements Make Great Gift IdeasMy Profile

  6. Cheryl says:

    I’ve been organizing for a garage sale all winter. Now I can’t wait for it to get warm enough so we can start planning.
    Cheryl recently posted..Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & SpaMy Profile


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