LeapFrog Learn-Around Playground with Tube Topper Baby Toy Review

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Best Educational Baby Toy- LeapFrog Learn-Around Playground with Tube Topper

I was looking for an educational baby toy for my son, who is now almost 2 years old. I am really glad that I came across the LeapFrog Learn-Around Playground with Tube Topper while surfing the web. From what I read about the toy, I liked what I saw and read. As the baby toy was not expensive and promised a lot, I decide to order it. The shipping was fast and without any problems. My son loved it the very first moment we handed the toy to him. As LeapFrog Learn-Around Playground with Tube Topper carries 45 interactive touch points, our toddler could just touch about anywhere to learn something new.

Today, it has been nearly 6 months that we ordered the LeapFrog baby toy and our son still loves it. I think this has been a very useful purchase as I find my son becoming familiar with shapes, colors and different textures today. He also loves the songs and can rhyme words easily. The best part is that he has already discovered all those numbers and a few of the letters of the alphabet, even before going to school! I think this is a great educational toy for baby.

Educational Benefits of the LeapFrog Learn-Around Playground with Tube Topper Baby Toy

I have observed that we made absolutely no effort in making him learn all those things. He simply played with the LeapFrog Learn-Around Playground baby toy while he was walking, playing, indoors or outdoors. It is like turning very learning experience into a musical wonder. Today he is taking more interest in the Compose & Play mode, rather than Learn & Grow. He loves putting those balls down the slide. I am sure he will soon be an expert in counting and matching opposites.

LeapFrog has really turned the nursery of our baby into a smart playground. I think all babies love music and this is a great educational toy that teaches with the help of music. Even after 6 months, I see my baby learning new things from LeapFrog. Another great benefit we found was how it helped our baby helped with balance and leg coordination.

Just as a word of caution, place the toy in a diagonal position where it is the most stable. The toy has fallen on our little boy sometimes but no damage or harm done. This is really the best educational toy for baby we have come across so far. The market is full of many other toys, making big promises, but only a few deliver what they promise. The LeapFrog Learn-Around Playground is just one of those toys that you shouldn’t miss out for your baby.

Buy the LeapFrog Learn-Around Playground with Tube Topper at Amazon. Suggested Price: $145.99

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