Madagascar Toys for Preschoolers: Fun Time with Alex, Marty & the Gang

Who doesn’t love Madagascar, the animated movie from Dreamworks? The kids as well as adults can watch those lovable animal characters again and again. The movie is simply packed with stuff that is simply adored by the kids. It is no surprise to see a growing craze among the kids for the Madagascar toys for preschoolers in particular!


Did you know that there is a new Madagascar movie coming out? Except this time, it isn’t an animated feature from Dreamworks. It’s a live-action documentary about the real lemurs of Madagascar! Kids will love seeing the real animals that inspired their favorite characters. Madagascar toys for preschoolers help bridge the gap between the characters they know and the live animals in the new movie, making these toys a truly educational experience.

Kids really love playing with Alex the Lion, Marty the Zebra, Gloria the Hippo, Melman the Giraffe or those lovable penguins. Here I have carefully selected some of the most popular Madagascar toys for preschoolers that your little ones would love to add to their collections of Madagascar characters.

Madagascar Toys for Preschoolers

 Madagascar Toys for Preschoolers:

Plush from Madagascar 3 and priced at $34.60, this is a must to have toys for those kids who love Madagascar. Just squeeze his tummy and hear him roar as he introduces himself. He is very soft and cuddly and can say some phrases.

 Madagascar Toys for Preschoolers:

The talking zebra, plush from Madagascar 3 is priced at $27.99 and he is soft and cuddly like Alex and creates some fun sound effects. Kids simply love to have the cute looking and can shut him off by an OFF switch if Marty talks too much. I am sure your child has already asked for this lovable zebra.

 Madagascar Toys for Preschoolers:

Beanie Baby Skipper
This penguin is very popular for the Beanie Babies collection and is made from the finest quality. Just look for that heart-shaped tag to make sure that you are buying an authentic product. This is really a great buy, as you’ll be getting top quality at low costs.

 Madagascar Toys for Preschoolers:
Priced at $19.99, Gloria, the very popular character from Madagascar, with her grey body and a soft pink tummy and those beautiful brown eyes is definitely the best hippo you’ll find on the planet.

 Madagascar Toys for Preschoolers:
The Little  lemur may be tiny but he’s a must-have in any Madagascar toys for preschoolers collection. It is priced at just $3.95 and made of the finest quality. The super toy is about 1.5” in size, making him the perfect size for on-the-go fun.

I feel that you and your kids will love these Madagascar toys and figurines! It will be exciting for your child to buy and add to their Madagascar collection. Kids can snuggle up with their animated-version friends while watching the new Madagascar movie. Looking for more movie fun? Check out our Madagascar craft for kids!

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  1. heather says:

    That was one of our favorite movies! I love the plushies, too! So cute!

  2. Kathy says:

    These are so cute!! Thanks for sharing
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  3. My kids LOVE this movie! All of them!
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  4. Kimberly says:

    My kids went through a stage where they loved Ty Beanie Babies. Your post brought back good memories.
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