Mother’s Day Craft for Kids: Make Your Own Beautiful Button Bouquet!

Mother's Day on a Dime DIY: Make Your Own Beautiful Button Bouquet!

Mothers love receiving flowers on Mother’s Day! But the reality is fresh flowers can be expensive, and don’t last very long. This Mother’s Day, why not give mom something a little more fun and creative? If you have a handful of buttons, you can create a beautiful button bouquet for mom that will last her forever! A button bouquet is a fun and frugal gift that is perfect makes the sweetest Mother’s Day gift, plus it is fun craft to enjoy doing with kids.

You don’t need a lot of supplies or time to create your own beautiful button bouquet. So gather your materials and the kids and start creating! Here is what you will need to get started.

How to make this cute Mother’s Day craft for kids


  • Assorted buttons (Found at most thrift stores or crafting stores)
  • Florists wire (Found at most craft stores for around $1.99)
  • Scissors
  • Small vase
  • Shredded green paper (optional)

1. Cut your wire into 5-6 inch lengths. These will be your stems. You can choose to make your stems longer or shorter if you wish.
2. Fold the top inch or so of each wire over into a “U” shape.
3. String your first button on the “U”, starting with smallest first.
4. Repeat this step again using your next button, getting larger in size as you go.
5. Continue to stack the buttons smallest to largest in this manner until your “bloom” has formed. Use a pattern of colors or just go random!
6. Typically, 3-5 buttons is sufficient, but you can stack to your desire to get the look you want.
7. Make a few tiny buds by repeating this step and only using 2 buttons.
8. Once your buttons are on, twist the head to hold them in place securely.
9. Assemble your blooms in a small vase as you see fit.  Add shredded paper to act as a filler and hold your stems in place if you wish!

These colorful and creative blooms are so fun to make! Assemble them in a cute vase or tiny salt shaker and they are ready to give. They look so adorable in a kitchen window or as a centerpiece as they add an instant pop of color.  Just be creative and have fun with them!

As you can see, these beautiful button bouquets are so easy and a great alternative to fresh flowers. Mom will surely get a kick out of them, and love that she won’t have to water them or work hard at keeping them alive! You will love how inexpensively you can make them, and how great you feel giving them! If mom loves sewing, don’t forget to check out our adorable Mother’s Day Pin Cushion craft for kids!

Happy Mother’s Day, and Happy Crafting!

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  1. Kari says:

    Very cute! My mom and I both love vintage buttons so it would be fun to make one with them.

  2. Oh those are super cute! I love it! And super easy too!
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  3. Super cute! Thanks for sharing such a fun idea :)
    Mel Outnumbered recently posted..Bump Ahead: Purely Simple Feeding Line & Gift Basket from Babies “R” UsMy Profile

  4. Amiyrah says:

    I love this twist on the usual Mother’s Day gift! Flowers always die, so this would be cute for kids to make and us Moms can keep it for a long time.
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    • Lorene says:

      Hey,Ben here! I’m a 22 year old student from the UK. I play a wide range of games; mainly console at the moment. Until around 8 months ago I was a massive WoW player and found it sucked up just too much of my time. I guess I have a somewhat addictive pealonrsity so playing MMOs is a pretty bad idea for me. Good job I never fancied Star Wars heh

  5. Shari G says:

    Those are so cute!! My boys would love to make those.

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