Pumpkin Games for Kids: Fun Ways to Use those Pumpkins!

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Pumpkin Games for Kids: Fun Ways to Use those Pumpkins!

Fall is officially here! You know what that means, right? It’s the season of the pumpkin! Head to your local pumpkin patch or farm and pick an abundance of these iconic fall goodies. While the bigger carving pumpkins can get a bit costly, you can usually pick up a bunch of smaller ones for a good price. Our favorite farm offers three tiny ones for $1. What can you do with them? Play some fun pumpkin games for kids, of course!

Fun Pumpkin Games for Kids

Pumpkin Bowling- Use a medium-sized pumpkin round as a bowling ball! Gather a bunch of two-liter bottles and fill them up midway with water or sand. Set them up in a triangle shape. Take turns rolling the pumpkin towards the “pins” and trying to knock them down! This game is best played on the grass to prevent the pumpkin from busting.

Seed Toss- While I prefer to bake the seeds, they can also be used in fun pumpkin games for kids. Clean them up so they’re not all slimy and let them dry a bit. Set up small buckets and have kids stand back from them. For young kids, let them stand closer to the buckets. Older kids can stand a few feet back. The goal is to be the one to toss the most seeds into the bucket.

Pumpkin Decorating Contest – This is my favorite of the fun pumpkin games for kids! It’s also one of the easiest, albeit messiest. Gather the pumpkins, kids and decorating supplies. Head outside for this one or cover your table with a big sheet of plastic. Let kids unleash their imagination and come up with cool designs. Judge the pumpkins based on most creative, most colorful, spookiest, silliest or any other category you can come up with. Try to have enough categories for each child so everyone can be a winner.

Pumpkin Toss-  If you’re planning pumpkin games for kids for a party, get creative and go all out with a cool “target.” Decorate a cardboard box and cut out holes about double the size of the pumpkins. Using small decorative pumpkins, have each child try to toss their pumpkins into the holes. For more of a challenge, make the holes different sizes. Smaller ones are worth more points.

Pumpkin Seed Guessing Game- I almost didn’t include this one because it involves having the patience to actually count all the seeds in a gutted pumpkin. Then I thought “this could actually be a fun math activity for kids too!” The premise is simple: before opening up a pumpkin, have each child write down their guess of how many seeds it contains. After you scoop out all the innards, divide them up among the children. Each child counts the seeds in their batch of goop. When they’re done, help them add the numbers together to find out who was closest! If your children don’t like getting their hands messy, you can always clean off the pumpkin guts and just give them handfuls of seeds.

I hope you have fun with these pumpkin games for kids! Let us know if you can think of any fun games that we missed!

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  1. Sarah Bailey says:

    I have to admit I like the sound of pumpkin bowling – not sure I would be able to sit and count all the seeds though :) x

  2. Stefany says:

    What fun! A few of these would be great for the cub scout meeting I have coming up. Thanks for the ideas!
    Stefany recently posted..Earning double Paw Points with Fresh Step and our take on Cat-bearding! #cbiasMy Profile

  3. Chrysa says:

    These are some fun ideas! It’s nice to have things to do with them besides just carving!
    Chrysa recently posted..Domestic Violence Month – Help by Passing the Purple PurseMy Profile

  4. I have to admit, when I hear pumpkin bowling it made me wonder if the pumpkins would break, leaving a mess.
    Counting seeds would be great as part of a guess how many seeds game.

  5. mel says:

    Thanks so much! What cute ideas!

  6. Mickey says:

    We love decorating and carving pumpkins, but have never considered doing other activities with them. Thanks for the fun ideas! :)
    Mickey recently posted..Meet the New GoodNites NiteLite Panel MemberMy Profile

  7. Tara says:

    Haha, when I saw the pumpkin toss, what I envisioned was not what you posted, so it made me laugh. These are great ideas and a perfect way to have some Fall fun!
    Tara recently posted..It’s Getting Hot in Here – Hot Flashes at 40? #hotflashesMy Profile

  8. Jamie Knupp says:

    these are really fun ideas! Thanks for sharing :)

  9. Great ideas! Have to try these with my grandson.
    Debra Elliott recently posted..Green Giant “Raise a Giant” bully-prevention campaign- #MyBlogSpark #sponsoredMy Profile

  10. Renee Smith says:

    Thanks for the great ideas. My daughter has an Oct. 30th birthday and I’m always in need of game ideas for her party.

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