Free Printable Reading Log to Inspire a Love of Reading

All this month on MyKidsGuide, we’re going to be sharing great ways to encourage your kids to read more. From 7 Ways to Encourage a Love of Reading in Children to upcoming posts on how to use cook books as reading activities, you’ll find everything you need to get kids of all ages reading more! To help your children keep track of the books they’ve read, we’ve created a simple yet effective free printable reading log.

Free Printable Reading Log for Kids

The first two columns of the free printable reading log are pretty self-explanatory: enter the date and the title of the book. The third row is really where the magic happens! Let your kids decide on a rating system. We were going to add stars to color in, but we don’t want to limit little imaginations. Your child can draw thumbs up, stars, circles or even just put a number from 1-10 in that spot! The fun part, though, is in discussing with your child how they came up with their rating.

Free Printable Reading Log Preview

Preview of our Free Printable Reading log


Really talk it through with them and get a good idea of what they liked or didn’t like. When my son was very young, he simply just loved every book I read him. Now that he’s 8, he’s starting to develop his own preferences. While I’m sad that Fox in Sox is no longer the most read book in our house, I’m also incredibly proud because he’s reading chapter books! It’s fine if your three-year-old gives everything a million billion thumbs up. While the former English major in me is screaming “sure you can!,” honestly, it’s kind of hard to come up with a 10-page literary paper on Goodnight Moon. Oddly enough, now I want to try it to prove myself wrong!

The point is, the ratings section is meant to be a way to encourage more dialogue about the story. It’s also a good way to determine what books your child will enjoy on your next trip to the library!

Print out our free printable reading log in PDF or Word Format

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