8 Best Weather Activities For Kids

Weather Activities for Kids

Teaching your kids about nature and how climate changes affect the daily reports is a great way to help them connect more with the world around them. If nothing else, it will prevent them from asking about the chances of a snow day in May! Then again, with the way the weather has been acting lately, that’s not so far-fetched! We have some great weather activities for kids to help you teach them about the [...] Read More

Scooby-Doo Inspired Detective Activities for Kids

Detective Activities for Kids

Sticking with the theme of our Scooby-Doo week, I thought it would be fun to come up with some detective ideas for kids! Children are naturally curious and love solving mysteries, which is probably what makes Scooby and the gang so appealing. Encourage that desire to explore with these fun activities that will have them acting like detectives in no time! Fun Detective Activities for Kids Invisible Ink Writing: Good detectives always protect their sources! Let [...] Read More

Activities for Kids to Teach About Endangered Species

Activities for kids to teach about endangered species

If you haven’t already heard, there is a brand new Madagascar movie hitting theaters. This time, though, it doesn’t feature your animated favorites from the Dreamworks series. It’s all about the real animals of Madagascar! Take the opportunity to teach kids about nature with tons of great educational activities for kids that celebrate everyone’s favorite Madagascar inhabitants- the lemurs! The new Madagascar movie, Island of the Lemurs, is a documentary voiced by the beloved Morgan [...] Read More

Every Day Earth Day Activity for Kids: Tips for Starting a Garden

Earth Day Activity Garden

We think every day is a great day for an Earth Day activity! Check out these tips on how to start your own garden and the many benefits that your family will reap from what you sow. Affiliate links are included to help you find certain items. March 1st is National Pig Day.  July 24th is Cousin’s Day.  January 15th is Hat Day.  I think the Earth, the birthplace of us all, deserves more than [...] Read More

Spring Break Activities for Kids: Fun & Inexpensive Boredom Busters

Spring Break Activities for Kids Feature

It may not seem like it with all the snow throughout the US and Canada, but spring is coming! If your kids will be out of school for a few days, check out these spring break activities for kids to keep them entertained without costing you a fortune. Let me show you how to keep your kids occupied during spring break. Like most parents I too was confused every year as to how to keep [...] Read More

Together Box Review: Brimming with Educational Activities for Kids

Together Box activities for kids

Looking for great activities for kids that are fun for the whole family? The Together Box is filled to the brim with fun activities that everyone from toddlers to teens and beyond will love. We received a complimentary product to facilitate this Together Box review. All opinions are our own. When I heard that I was receiving the Together Box filled with balloon activities for kids, I was really excited. My son Jacob and I [...] Read More

The GiggleBellies Musical Adventures Review: Great Entertainment for Kids


We received complimentary copies of the GiggleBellies Musical Adventures Ultimate Fan Pack  in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are our own. Children love to sing and dance, and with the GiggleBellies Musical Adventures DVDs, they can do exactly that! The GiggleBellies DVD series is a new line of DVD’s designed especially to bring out the imagination and smiles in your preschool age, getting them engaged and active with a variety of well known [...] Read More

LEGO Movie Party Games for Kids

LEGO Movie Party Games for Kids

Are you looking for a fun way to get kids together to celebrate the release of the LEGO movie? Check out these awesome LEGO movie party games for kids! This post contains affiliate links. LEGO has always been one of the first toys that kids play with for fun and knowledge. These clever blocks help kids understand how different shapes and sizes fit together to create amazing structures.  LEGO bricks encourage kids to use and [...] Read More

Valentine’s Day Party Decorations: DIY Valentine’s Day Party Hat

Valentines Day Party Hat

If you are throwing a Valentine’s Day party this year, chances are you will need some festive Valentine’s Day party decorations. Instead of heading to the store and spending big bucks on Valentine’s Day party decorations, why not try making your own instead? You don’t have to spend a great deal of money, and you don’t need to be super crafty either. In fact, you can make your own Valentine’s Day Party Decorations in just [...] Read More

Winter Olympics Activities For Kids

Winter Olympics Activities for Kids

With the Sochi Olympics approaching, now is a great time to explore some fun winter Olympics activities for kids. Did you know that the Olympics are one of the oldest forms of competition known to mankind? They started way back in ancient Greek time, when the Greek gods were- according to mythology-living on top of Mount Olympus.  Winter Olympics offer a variety of activities for kids and their fascination with Greek mythology only increases their [...] Read More