Party Games for Kids: All Our Best Ideas in One Spot

Party games for kids

You can’t throw a party with fun party games for kids! Think about it like this: the average kids’ party lasts about 2 hours. You’ll spend maybe half an hour of that time eating cake and opening gifts. What should you do with the other hour and a half? If you don’t plan fun party games, you’ll find yourself scrambling to occupy a dozen or more children who have a major case of boredom. Planning [...] Read More

Interesting Madagascar Party Games for Kids

Madagascar Party Games

With the new Madagascar documentary coming out, now is a great time to renew your kids’ interest in the fun animated movies. Throw them an Island of the Lemurs theme party, complete with these fun Madagascar party games for kids! Are you really trying to surprise your kids with something special? Many parents want to celebrate birthdays and other milestone events in innovative ways. Put simply, we want to throw the coolest parties for our [...] Read More

Muppets Birthday Party for Kids: Create Your Own Muppets!

Muppets birthday party for kids

Are you looking for an exciting birthday party for kids? Don’t look further! Organize a Muppets birthday party for kids at home! It will be so much fun for little ones and even older ones! We shared affiliate links to help you find supplies. Last week my daughter was invited to this Muppets birthday party at an art gallery. It was a creative birthday party idea as the little kids had so much fun making [...] Read More