Pinypon Weekend Getaway Hotel Toy for Kids Review

Pinypon toys for kids

We received a complimentary Pinypon Weekend Getaway Toy for Kids in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are our own. The Weekend Getaway Hotel is the latest item launched by European toy maker Famosa and one of its many marketed brands, Pinypon.  Famosa was established in 1957 and has become a leading toy and doll manufacturer based out of Spain.  They pride themselves on their reputation for safe, high quality products for young children. [...] Read More

5 Family-Friendly Video Games for Kids for the Holidays

Video Game Gift Ideas for Kids

Video games get a bad rap sometimes. Some experts say they rot kids minds. I completely disagree, though. Gaming taught my son patience, strategy, hand-eye coordination and even reading skills! Like anything, if you don't allow it in excess, there is nothing wrong with playing video games. Plus, if you get games the whole family can enjoy, it's a great bonding experience! Take a look at a few of my top video game gift ideas for kids. Read More

New Radz Dispensers Make Great Holiday Stocking Stuffer Toys for Kids


Radz makes great holiday stocking stuffer toys for kids! We received a complimentary set in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are always our own. Now that the holidays are approaching, you will want to have plenty of stocking stuffers on hand for the little ones in your life. It is no secret that kids love peeking into their stockings to see what has been left for them, hoping a fun new toy or [...] Read More